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September 5 - 27, 2014

LOOK CLOSELY: Courtney Lipson | Nikki McClure | Thomas Stream



Opening Reception,

First FRIDAY, September 5th,


**Due to the Seahawks home opener game, the downtown Artwalk will occur on First Friday in September. **

This September we urge you to focus your eyes and to look closely at the work of three artists who create in the minute, the detailed and the delicate. Nikki McClure (Non-Indigenous), Thomas Stream (Sun'aq Aleut) and Courtney Lipson (Non-Indigenous) each build up a large image from the smallest details, utilizing their very different media to create wholes from disparate parts.

These three artists are also all inspired by the landscape, wildlife and natural rhythms that surround us here in the Pacific Northwest. Though they use varying media and focus on different aspects of nature, each is clearly deeply connected to this Northwest place.

Each artist's work has its own exhibit page -- be sure to visit all three!




These works are made by cutting a single sheet of black paper with an X-Acto blade and laying the fragile paper-cut

atop a white or colored backing. It is in some ways a paradox that the strength in of these familial bonds is presented

by the medium of knife and paper, by tearing, excising and cutting away. A science of subtraction, this method allows

McClure to focus on negative space, while improvising as she goes. 

Nikki McClure is well known around the Northwest for her calendars, books and paper goods. The works in this exhibit

will be original cut-paper. McClure was most recently seen in a solo exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum in 2012.

This is McClure's first major exhibition with Stonington Gallery.




Courtney Lipson (Non-Indigenous) creates fine art jewelry using tiny glass seed beads set into grout, creating

"micro-mosaic" art that can be admired on the move. Inspired by patterns and coloration found in nature, Lipson

has created series portraying feathers, wings, stones, striations, leaves, and more. In this exhibit she shows her widening

array of silversmithing techniques, and works based around the natural beauty of precious stones. Debuting in this show

are pendants with move-able filigree screens in sawed silver, and reversible pendants (shown below) with a stone on one side

and micro-mosaic patterns on the other.





Thomas Stream (Sun'aq Aleut) paints the denizens of the air with brilliant gouache and in incredible detail. 

As a contemporary Aleut artist, Stream combines the iconography of his heritage with modern painting.

Stream is inspired by the bentwood hunting hats of his Aleut ancestors, especially the spiral and dot patterns painted

along their length. Paying tribute to his heritage, he places a visor on each animal he paints, and incorporates the

traditional patterns into the bodies of his creatures.

For Look Closely Stream shucks the mold by filling in the backgrounds on behind his subjects, placing them in an

environment every bit as realized as the animals themselves. Stream is able to use contrasting, knock-out color to

dazzle the eye and draw the viewer ever closer in.







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