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November 3 - 26

Isabel Rorick

& Robin Rorick



Roots That Connect Us All:
A Mother & Son Collaboration


Opening Reception: First Thursday, November 3rd





"We are all a part of a giant complex weaving of life that requires respect and love to further interconnection. The trees are nourished by earth's elements and by the life cycle of the plants, insects, fish and all the other animals. In return the trees provide gifts of life for all those who are living. It is the same for the roots that connect us to our ancestors.

Weaving, painting and carving are a part of this sacred cycle and the energies that we portray are stories that come through us when we allow it and when we take the time to listen and feel. This is the way of our ancestors."

-Isabel & Robin Rorick


Stonington Gallery is very proud to present an exhibition of the art of renowned Haida weaver Isabel Rorick and her son, carver and painter Robin Rorick.

The Roricks come from a line of important artists, as Isabel's great grandparents were Isabella and Charles Edenshaw, her grandmother was Florence Edenshaw Davidson, and her mother is weaver Primrose Adams. Other contemporary artists in this mighty lineage are Robert Davidson and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas.

Isabel is widely considered the finest living spruce root weaver on the Coast, continuing the tradition of weaving exquisitely fine hats and baskets. Her paternal grandmother, Selina Peratrovich, taught her to weave spruce root baskets from materials they had gathered at Masset. Isabel deeply respects the fact that 'Auntie' Dolores Churchill has been her mentor, and is feels proud and fortunate to have learned from 'Nonny' Selina, who was so important to her. It was only after Selina passed that Isabel realized Selina had been the last active spruce root weaver of her generation.

Robin Rorick was raised on Haida Gwaii and on Hornby Island, BC, and has taken up the mantle of his heritage. A carver of great elegance and refinement, his work has the tension, flow and dynamism of the Haida masters. He has recently been mentored by Robert Davidson in the method of painting on woven spruce root. For this exhibition Robin will be painting weavings by his mother, much as Charles Edenshaw did on Isabella's weavings. He will also debut carved sculpture, including an exquisite Eagle Panel in cedar.



November 3 - 26

Joan Tenenbaum


Memory & Light


Opening Reception: First Thursday, November 3rd





We are proud to present an exhibition of Joan Tenenbaum's fine art jewelry in beautiful silver, gold, cloisonne enamel and gems.

"When I was in the first grade our teacher would put Johann Strauss’s “Tales from the Vienna Woods” on the record player in our classroom and have us finger-paint to the music. I can still remember her gesturing arms in the front of the room, just as a conductor would do. My finger-paintings were so unique and expressive that I was chosen to be in a government-produced documentary being filmed at our school. Even today, that music brings me back to that classroom.

Certain experiences in our lives: kicking crispy leaves while walking to school, moonlight shimmering on water, yellow cottonwoods beside a river running through an ancient pueblo, an evocative sunset sky…these moments are etched in our memories by the quality of the colors, the sounds, the light.

Here is a collection of stories about those memories and the colors that surround them."

-Joan Tenenbaum, Artist Statement, 2016




Stonington Has Moved --

But Not Far!


Stonington has moved two doors down the block: from 119 S Jackson to 125 S Jackson. The view and the venue has changed, but the vibe has not: we recommit ourselves to honoring and exhibiting the highest quality works from around the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.


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