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November 6 - 30, 2014


FACING THE COAST - An Exhibit of Masks



Opening Reception,

First Thursday, Nov 6, 6-8pm

Scott Jensen (Non-Indigenous) returns to the gallery this fall with a new body of work in sumptuous alder and cedar. This exhibition will have a special focus on masks, a medium that allows for Jensen's serene faces, smooth knife-finishing and subtle hand with pigments to shine through.

From Jensen's artist statement:

"Living close to the land has always been the most important connection in maintaining the inspiration that keeps me focused and moving in the direction I am interested in pursuing. If one takes the time to sit quietly and observe the natural world, putting aside the artificial environment of the modern world, the mind opens to search places one would otherwise never go. To create the pieces I want, I need to try to go to a place and a time that does not exist any more, with the exception of the natural world and the culture as it exists today. I need to understand the animals and their habits that I am representing in my carving, and I need to stay in touch with the spirit of the land in the Pacific Northwest. With this set of masks I wish to illustrate the remarkable ability to capture realism within the abstract with this refined and expressive art form created by the Native people of the Northwest Coast."



Read the exhibition catalogue online by clicking on the cover below. To order the print catalogue, please email or call the gallery.




November 6 - 30, 2014


Fifty Playful Things



Opening Reception,

First Thursday, Nov 6, 6-8pm


Fifty Playful Things debuts necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that have been a year in the making, and are a testament to the many techniques and materials that Tenenbaum utilizes. In the work are themes of geology and the Earth itself: folding, striating, creasing, sliding, crystallizing, and hints of hidden veins of precious metals.

From her artist statement:

"My work is a journey. Early this year I realized that I had not allowed myself to play in my studio for quite some time. I had been wanting to experiment with several new techniques and revisit some that I had explored in the 1980’s.

I have been entranced in recent years by the technique of Fold Forming, which is the technique of creating three-dimensional shapes by the simple process of folding, hardening, and unfolding sheets of metal. I have played with the various types of Fold Forming but this year I wanted to create an entire line of jewelry pieces utilizing this technique and see where it took me. I envisioned a textured surface broken into numerous parts by folds in the metal, and then embellishing the resulting surfaces with Keum Boo, the Korean name for the process of fusing thin sheets of pure gold onto silver alloys."

-Joan Tenenbaum






July 10 - September, 2014

Raven Skyriver & Thomas Stream

at the Seattle Aquarium



Image of "Harbor" by Raven Skyriver installed at the Seattle Aquarium.



We are proud to present a select grouping of Raven Skyriver's blown glass marine life and Thomas Stream's limited edition prints at the Seattle Aquarium this summer! To celebrate the opening of the new Harbor Seal Exhibit, Skyriver debuts a new harbor seal sculpture, as well as other spectacular works. Skyriver grew up on Lopez Island, WA and is passionate about the wildlife and ecosystems surrounding us. Thomas Stream is also a keen observer of natural life, depicting birds, fish and aquatic mammals of the region. His prints are emblematic of the interconnectivity between different habitats and environments.

All works in the exhibit are for sale.

Venue Information:

Seattle Aquarium

1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59
Seattle, WA 98101-2015

(206) 386-4300


9:30am to 5pm daily
Last entry at 5pm,
exhibits close at 6pm

Exhibit is in the tidepool room, near the entrance.

Admission to the mini exhibition is included with Aquarium tickets.


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