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October 1-31






Solo Exhibitions:

Courtney Lipson

& Preston Singletary


Opening Reception: First Thursday, October 1






Courtney Lipson: New Works


  Courtney Lipson has honed her ability to portray textiles, flowers, feathers, rock striations and more in intricate detail using micro-mosaics. Combining ancient metalsmithing techniques with color and texture, the work in this exhibit explores further some of her favorite subjects. Monarch butterflies, ravens, eagles and weaving patterns return, as well as unique pieces inspired by some of Lipson's favorite books and poems. Not limiting herself to jewelry, Lipson includes a few other mediums in this exhibit with prints and weavings.




Preston Singletary: New Works in Glass, Bronze and Paper

We are proud to present new works in glass, bronze and print by internationally acclaimed artist Preston Singletary (Tlingit). Primarily known for sculpture in glass, Singletary has begun to expand his forms of expression to richly patinated bronze, and to two-dimensional drawings on paper.  

Singletary has long been inspired by the myth of Raven stealing the sun, moon and stars from the bentwood box where it was hidden by a chieftain. It is a legend he returns to in glass, prints, and bronzes, and from many angles. The most recent imagining of this myth is in the model pole "Raven and the Box of Daylight", a new limited edition bronze. He also presents his Tlingit Glass Basket series, honoring the weaving traditions of the Tlingit and other northern nations.




September 3 - 26





Nikki McClure, Thomas Stream

& Joan Tenenbaum


Opening Reception: First Thursday Sept 3


Exhibit Runs Sept 3 - 26



We are proud to present a three person exhibit featuring paper artist Nikki McClure (Non-Indigenous), painter Thomas Stream (Sun'aq Aleut) and jeweler Joan Tenenbaum (Non-Indigenous). These three Washington artists are deeply inspired by the landscapes and wildlife of the Northwest, and each renders their vision of this place in exquisite detail and skill.





We welcome Olympia-based cut paper artist Nikki McClure back to the gallery for her second show with us. Last year, she presented extraordinary two-tone and monochrome scenes made with paper and an exacto blade from her forthcoming 2015 calendar. We can't wait to see what scenes she has in store for us this year!




Stream (Sun'aq Aleut) has long been inspired by the tragic story of young Aleut women who were taken from their homes by armed Russian traders in the 1700s and were ultimately killed in cold blood on the trip back to Siberia. In this exhibit, he honors their memory in one of the most moving and beautiful series of paintings he has ever produced. Select works from Stream's archive will also be included in the exhibit, as well as small new works.



Tenenbaum will present a new body of wearable art by combining her cloisonne glass work with her intricate silversmithing. Using nature photography as a reference, Tenenbaum crafts a bird out of glass and gold wires, and then surrounds the cloisonne with a setting silver that reflects its natural environment.



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