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December 1 - January 2017

Into the Woods




Forests of the Northwest Coast


Opening Reception: First Thursday, December 1st



Last year's Resurgence: Rivers of the Northwest Coast exhibition was a landmark exhibition that brought together some fo the finest and most thoughtful works we have ever seen at our gallery. Our artists were inspired by their personal connections with rivers as far north as Alaska and as far south as Oregon, and showed their care, concern and love for these mighty water systems with artwork that was varied and wonderfully diverse. This year, we continue to explore what makes the Northwest such a vibrant, unique environment with Into the Woods: Forests of the Northwest Coast.

Forests have many faces: they are backdrops for epic journeys, where people become lost or found; places of transformation where what goes in is not the same as what comes out; places where our imaginations run wild and we face our own darkness, myths and secrets. Great mythological beings that inhabit these forests are as complex and fascinating as the web of life they live within. In much of Northwest Coast mythology they are places where animals and human-kind meet, clash, transform, and where the prey/predator divide is stark. 

The forest is a mighty meeting place: rivers and streams meet the roots of tremendous trees, salmon meet bears, nutrients are sucked up into the trees, and cycles continue. Forests drape the feet of mountains like skirts, connecting lowlands and alpine pinnacles, creating liminal spaces between the two where species and ecosystems change with every foot of altitude. At times, the woods are calming and peaceful, where we find communion with nature, animals, solitude; or they can be frightening, bewildering, without friend or end. 

In the hands of skilled artisans, one single giant western red cedar tree can provide wood for a canoe, house, bowl, mask, cape, hat, rattles and mats. To know a tree so well as to perfectly craft every part of it into something as beautiful as it was functional is a remarkable skill. 


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