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May 5 - 29, 2016

Courtney Lipson

Tidepools: Life on a Rocky Shore

Opening Reception: First Thursday, May 5th


May brings fresh, fine new jewelry by micro-mosaicist and metal-smith Courtney Lipson (Non-Indigenous/Adopted Tlingit). Tidepools, denizens of the shore, and the little jeweled creatures that live in those safe cracks in the rocks are the artist's inspiration for this year's exhibit, and she's rendering nudibranchs, sea stars, octopuses, and urchins in her signature micro-mosaic. Long-time collectors will remember the past series that Lipson has done with tidepools and sea creatures, but she revisiting the theme with new eyes and a more abstracted feel.

Nudibranchs are the focus of the collection, allowing us a glimpse into the unbelievable variety, colors and kinds that this species has to offer. Nudibranchs are soft-bodied molluscs, and they live at almost any depth of the water column, but the most eye-popping coloration occurs in warm, shallow reefs and tide-lines. Lipson's creations are a mix of her own imagination, and those from reference photos. The wilder the colors, the more genuine it's likely to be. Lipson has gone one step further, interviewing each little nudibranch as it takes form in her studio, and finding out their names and personalities.

May 5 - 29, 2016

Denise Wallace

Northern Light

Opening Reception: First Thursday, May 5th


We are thrilled to unveil the first collection of jewelry at Stonington Gallery from legendary jeweler Denise Wallace (Chugach Aleut). Wallace is widely known for her sumptuous silver, gold and fossilized ivory jewelry that combines contemporary elegance and traditional themes. Wallace's unique creations have made her the best-known Alaska Native jeweler of our time. The themes of her pieces are rooted in the rich stories and customs of arctic peoples of Alaska, stories that deal with ideas of healing, growth, nature and transformation. Wallace's work will be highlighted in the main gallery in the month of May, and throughout the spring and summer.  The majority of the works in this collection center around masks, faces and transformation. Those familiar with Yup'ik style masks will recognize those forms in her sterling silver, gold and fossilized ivory creations.



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