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Since 1979, Stonington Gallery has represented the finest contemporary Northwest Coast art. Our artists work in many media, styles and traditions, and are at the forefront of Pacific Northwest culture and art. The gallery offers full framing services and outstanding customer service. Visit us for exhibitions and events, and keep abreast of news here at our website or on Facebook.

Stonington Gallery facilitates many commissions between artists and collectors each year. Please contact the gallery with inquiries about commissioning works for your collection.


July 10 - September, 2014

Raven Skyriver & Thomas Stream

at the Seattle Aquarium




"Harbor" by Raven Skyriver, installed at the Seattle Aquarium.



We are proud to present a select grouping of Raven Skyriver's blown glass marine life and Thomas Stream's limited edition prints at the Seattle Aquarium this summer! To celebrate the opening of the new Harbor Seal Exhibit, Skyriver debuts a new harbor seal sculpture, as well as other spectacular works. Skyriver grew up on Lopez Island, WA and is passionate about the wildlife and ecosystems surrounding us. Thomas Stream is also a keen observer of natural life, depicting birds, fish and aquatic mammals of the region. His prints are emblematic of the interconnectivity between different habitats and environments.

All works in the exhibit are for sale.

Venue Information:

Seattle Aquarium

1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59
Seattle, WA 98101-2015

(206) 386-4300


9:30am to 5pm daily
Last entry at 5pm,
exhibits close at 6pm

Admission to the mini exhibition is included with Aquarium tickets.

October 2 - 31, 2014


Preview of A House, The Moon, and the Salish Sea



Whales in Northwest Coast Art


Opening Reception,

First Thursday, October 2nd, 6-8pm


We welcome Qwalsius Shaun Peterson (Puyallup) back to Stonington Gallery to give us a sneak peek of his major 2015 exhibit, A House, the Moon and the Salish Sea. The 2015 exhibit will feature new works in a variety of media, inspired by the lunar eclipses and "blood moons" of the past year. Many key myths among the Coast Salish tribes revolve around the moon and sky, and Shaun incorporates and retells these stories in his work. This October preview will include new prints, a giclee on canvas, and a new series of gray whale fins rendered in steel and cedar.

Peterson's work has a strong focus on whales, and since whales are not solitary creatures, his work will be joined by other whale-themed art to create a pod of their own. Works on paper, in glass, bronze, jewelry, and on canvas by a multitude of artists will show the wide range of ways of depicting the strength, fortitude and family bonds of whales.



October 2 - 31, 2014


The Awakening














Like her great grandmother, Isabella Edenshaw, Haida weaver Isabel Rorick has set the standard for spruce root weaving for the next generation. Her work will be studied and analysed for its fineness, difficulty and spiritual quality. Weaving of this sort is a rarity and we are fortunate to be living in the time of Isabel Rorick.

The Awakening is an exhibit featuring Haida weaver Isabel Rorick's famed spruce root weavings. In her artist's statement, Rorick speaks of the need for an awakening of how we treat our world:

It is with great conviction that this show comes, because we are amidst great changes here in time. The world as we know it is going through massive changes. The weather, the way we grow food, the way we package and process food, the way we communicate.

It is a world that is spread very thin and there are a lot of things that are not following the sacred way things were meant to be. The land is not honored in the sacred way it was intended for use. Our water deserves tender care and protection.

There has to be a lot of the old ways restored to honour our mother with the prayers the songs, the dances, and all the practices that the Native people practiced in endless time: we are all hungry for our way home, our home is in all aspects of our life.



At top right:

Isabel Rorick (Haida)
Cockle Shell & Cresting Wave Rattle-Top Basket

Spruce Root, Alder Bark Dyed Spruce Root, Sun-Bleached Grass, Haida Gwaii Agates

At bottom right:

Isabel Rorick (Haida)
Honoring the Trees
Spruce Root, Yellow Cedar, Abalone, Paua, Robin Feathers, Metal Stand

(Past work, not available)




November 6 - 29, 2014





Opening Reception,

First Thursday, Nov 6, 6-8pm

Scott Jensen (Non-Indigenous) returns to the gallery this fall with a new body of work in sumptuous alder and cedar. This exhibition will have a special focus on masks, a medium that allows for Jensen's serene faces, smooth knife-finishing and subtle hand with pigments to shine through.




November 6 - 29, 2014


Fifty Playful Things



Opening Reception,

First Thursday, Nov 6, 6-8pm


Artist Statement:

My heart longs to sing! It’s been a while since I’ve allowed myself to play in my studio. This year I plan to do just that! Fifty Playful Things will be a lighthearted medley of my favorite themes, a romp

through some new techniques I’ve been wanting to explore, and, well, I myself don’t want to know what else—I’m just going to let it happen!



Right:  Detail of Moon Through Winter Tree Bracelet
Sterling Silver, Keum Boo


December 4, 2014 - January 2015


An Invitational Exhibit



Opening Reception,

First Thursday, Dec 4, 6-8pm


For over three decades Stonington Gallery has shown sculpture, photography, paintings and prints by artists who are inspired by the Northwest Coast: its Native traditions, its environment, and its translation into new materials. Stonington culminates its 35th year in Seattle with an invitational group exhibit that illustrates the broad range of traditional and cutting edge work made by our represented artists. 

Stonington Gallery at 35 Years is a snapshot of who we are right now, after three decades, hundreds of exhibits, dozens of events, and thousands of art objects.

Right: Detail of "Water: The Essence of Life" by Susan Point (Musqueam).
Old Growth Western Red Cedar

December 4 - 27, 2014





Opening Reception,

First Thursday, Dec 4, 6-8pm

We welcome Santa Fe artist Hib Sabin back to the gallery to exhibit a new body of his carved and painted juniper sculptures. In this exhibit the artist delves deeply into the idea of "silence" and brings us works of great meaning and emotion.










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