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Tribal Affiliation: Non-Indigenous

Over the past forty years, Duane Pasco has become one of the most influential artists working in the genre of Northwest Coast art. His work has become the standard for consistency in quality and innovation, and his commitment to the revival and continuation of the traditional technologies has been proven repeatedly through his impact as a teacher and practitioner.

Duane's professional career began in 1966 with representation by a major fine art gallery in Seattle. This was one of the first fine-art shows of Northwest Coast art. Duane's work became recognized both as fine sculpture and as exceptional two-dimensional graphic design.

He has since continued to produce pieces of the highest caliber. Stonington Gallery features Duane's exquisite works throughout the year and also facilitates commission of specific pieces. Currently Duane creates his art in a studio styled after a traditional Northwest Coast native longhouse on five forested acres in Washington.

Duane is pushing his art to its limits, right to the outside edge. His work has old themes, but is wrought with unique, new ideas. He possesses a whimsical humor that surfaces repeatedly in his work, balanced with an innate sense of respect for an ancient art form whose masters were innovators. With his artwork, Pasco continues in these traditions.

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